Cosplay Interview #2


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Home: Vancouver, Canada


CW: What was your first Cosplay event?
Emmaline: My first cosplay event was Anime Evolution 2009.

CW: How many outfits have you made?
Emmaline: Out of the nineteen cosplays I’ve worn, I’ve made eleven of them myself.

CW: Currently what is your favorite character?
Emmaline: Currently, my favorite character to cosplay is Panty Anarchy.

CW: What got you started as a Cosplayer?
Emmaline: I got started in cosplay due to my friends and crush at the time.  They really got me out of my shell.

CW: Have you been to many events outside your home city?
Emmaline: I’ve only been to one event outside of my home city, Sakura Con.

CW: What is the next event you’re planing to attend?
Emmaline: I’m not actually sure what cons are coming up in the winter in my area, but the con I’m most excited for is Fan Expo in Vancouver, from April 20-21!
I’ve heard rumors that some stars from Star Trek: The Original Series are supposed to be attending as guests, and that is the most exciting thing ever in my mind 😉  Especially if it turns out to be Leonard Nimoy, I adore him.

CW: Who does most of you Cosplay Photography?
Emmaline: Dale L is my usual photographer for my cosplay photos.

CW: Do you have any advice for people thinking of attending their first Con?
Emmaline: I think that you should always make an effort to be social.  Cons are a great place to make friends, and it can really suck to spend time alone or hiding behind the friends you already have.  On a more negative note, there are always some pretty sketchy people at cons, so you should be very wary.  If someone makes a request that makes you uncomfortable, such as asking you to kiss them, or to do overly sexual poses, etc, REFUSE.


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