Cosplay Week 30 #3

Top Row Cosplay By: Antiquity Dreams, Vampireritual, gbright1, ——–Kopi Ninja, ——-Kelly, Crazigtarplaya
Cosplay of: My Little Pony’s Rarity, —Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Nightmare Moon, Rarity, Sweet Belle
Bottom Row Cosplay By: Nikklas V, —Sabrina Winter, Alcblueyes, Admantius,—– Raven Unit, Irritus Lamia, Black Fruit Bat
Bottom Row Cosplay of: Big Macintosh, Apple Jack, —Pinkie Pie, -Twilight Sparkle, Spike, –Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash
Photo By: Rachael Masako
Location: Fanime 2011

One comment

  1. Just like to let you know – Absolutely AMAZING cosplay! Everypony looks very show accurate (for humans), and I just adofuajdlfajfdlisfj AMAZING.

    Especially to Rarity with the wings. I am just spellbound. But really, EVERYPONY is simply amazing!! I can't even think straight.


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