Cosplay Interview #5

Alien Orihara



Sengoku Basara Kasuga

Home: Moscow, Russia
Age: 21
Chest:86cm / 33 inch
Waist:60cm / 23 inch
Hips:  84cm / 33 inch
Height:172cm / 5′ 7″
Weight:47kg  / 103 lbs
Blood Type: А

Personal Site
World Cosplay

Blue RoseCosWeek: When did you start modeling?
AO: I started Cosplaying in 2010

CosWeek: Who got you started?
AO: My friends asked me to cosplay with them. My first Cosplay was, Jack Vessalius from Pandora Hearts.
Aquarion Evol Zessica

CosWeek: What is your favorite costume to date?
AO: I love all my costumes! But my favorites are: Blue Rose, Zoe Hanji, Kasuga, Nia, Awashima Seri

CosWeek: How many conventions to you attend each year?
AO: On average I attend about ten festivals a year.

CosWeek: What is your favorite event to attend?
AO: Ichiharu’12 in Moscow

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