Cosplay Interview #6

La Esmeralda


Home: Kiel, Germany

90cm / 35 inch
64cm / 25 inch
96cm / 37 inch
164cm / 5′ 4″
58kg / 127 lbs


CosWeek: You don’t attend any Cosplay events?
La E: I have never been at a convention so far, but hope to be able to change that in the next year. As I am usually working as a goth- and alternative model I only visited these kind of events in the past years and only took a few cosplay pics when I found the time.

CosWeek: When did you start Cosplaying?
La E: I actually never thought “I want to start cosplaying” but the first time I dressed up as queen Amidala was in 2010 and then I had a pin-up princess Leia shoot in 2011. There has only been one edited photo so far but people seemed to like it and this encouraged me to do more stuff like that every now and then. But well, the first plan that I had when I started modelling was to portray several characters of the Grimm’s fairy tales. So one could also say that I had my first contact with the theme in 2009 when I started modelling.

CosWeek: Where do you get the materials for you cosplays?
La E: I buy lots of things online – eBay, Amazon or normal fabric shops. Also I love to shop at local markets and dollar shops.

CosWeek: What materials do you like to work with for outfits?
La E: I usually make my outfits out of fabric. I am a huge fan of stretchy red velvet, beautiful lace embroidery and sparkling stuff which I use for my dresses a lot, even if they are more goth than cosplay. Stretchy materials are my favourites anyway as you don’t need to add a zipper 😉 For accessories – a lot of hot glue, cardboard, paper maché and foam rubber work pretty good for me. And glitter 🙂

CosWeek: How long does your typical outfit take to construct?
La E: That is different and I never really counted the hours that an outfit took me. I know that my Princess Peach Outfit and the accessories took round about two or three days because I spent a weekend creating this outfit. The Slave Leia Outfit took me WAY longer, especially since I had to find a way to make the bra (I made three versions) but didn’t want to buy any expensive materials.

CosWeek: What is your favorite Cosplay right now?
La E: At the moment it is Princess Peach, this character is one of my favourites anyway and my friend Ashtray Arts Photography did a fantastic job as a photographer. But I am working on another princess at the moment and even if it is still a long way to go I am incredibly looking forward to shooting this set.

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