Cosplay Interview #8

Smash Cosplay


Home: North Carolina, USA
Age: 28

Chest:  86cm / 34 inch
Waist: 71 cm / 28 inch
Hips:   96 cm / 38 inch
Height: 170cm / 5’7″
Weight: 56kg / 125 lbs
Blood Type: O-

Links to me:
World Cosplay
T-shirt Company

CosWeek: What got you into Cosplay?

Smash: I learned how to sew when I was 8 years old because I wanted to make outfits for my American Girl dolls. After going to my first convention and seeing all the beautiful costumes, I knew I had to try and make one! It has been an addiction ever since.

CosWeek: What part of Cosplaying do you like most?
Smash: Being able to dress up as my favorite characters! I love it when people recognize the character I’m cosplaying, and get excited because they love them as much as I do! It’s a great bonding experience and it’s great making new friends.

CosWeek: Congratulations on you Marriage, how does you husband help your Cosplaying?
Smash: Thank you! Although my husband respects my cosplay and is very encouraging especially when I’m behind schedule, you would never see him in a costume or at a convention! LOL, you know what they say… opposites attract!

CosWeek: Where does the name Smash Cosplay come from?
Smash: While waiting tables at a restaurant, I was given the nickname Smash (short for Smashley) by my coworkers. It caught on so fast that even my regulars called me Smash!

CosWeek: What is the worst thing that has happen to you as a Cosplayer?
Smash: Personally, I have been fortunate not to have anything awful happen to me as a Cosplayer, but it hurts me to see how cruel people can be towards some cosplayers, especially on the internet. Everyone has different skill levels, time-
restraints, ethnicities and body-types, but we all love cosplay the same and I feel that is the most important part.

CosWeek: What do you do when you’re not Cosplaying?
Smash: I am a full-time Creative Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist at a small, but rapidly growing company. I also design geek t-shirts part-time at I spend as much time as possible creating new designs and learning as much as possible.

CosWeek: What advice do you have for young Cosplayers coming into the scene?
Smash: First and foremost, Cosplay is about having fun! It’s also a great place to meet people with similar interests. Any drama that happens or competitions you don’t win just aren’t that important. You should cosplay for only one person. Yourself. It’s a creative outlet for me and I really enjoy the challenge.


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