Cosplay Interview #9

Useless Materia Cosplay


Home:  Raleigh, NC, USA
Age: 27

Chest: 91cm / 36 inch
Waist: 72cm / 28.5 inch
Hips: 99cm / 39 inch
Height: 165cm / 5’5″
Weight: 59 kg / 30 lbs
Blood Type: O+

Links to me:

This year’s Con list:
Animazement (Raleigh, NC)
Cosplay America (Cary, NC)
Escapist Expo (Durham, NC)
Heroes Con (maybe) (Charlotte, NC)


CosWeek: What got you started in Cosplay?
UMC: My best friend knows how to sew, and she offered to make a group of us costumes to go to Animazement in Raleigh.  That was seven years ago, and though most of us went our separate ways, she and I have gone every year since!  We tend to do matching costumes, because cosplaying is more fun together 🙂 She’s the talent behind the sewing, and I help out with accessories where necessary.

CosWeek: Who do you Cosplay with?
UMC: It’s always been my best friend, Smash Cosplay, but in the last few years we’ve started going with another group of friends too – one year we had a huge Blaz Blue group go together, and this year we had a bunch of people dress up for Game of Thrones.  The big groups are always so fun – people really get excited to see so many people from the same show or game.

CosWeek: What would you ultimate Cosplay dream be?
UMC: I never seem to do any happy people – my Cosplay characters are always so serious (aside from Margaery!).  But I’d love to do Celine Jules from Star Ocean 2, Luna from Lunar 1, or Inara from Firefly… but if I could do the dragoon form of Rose from Legend of Dragoon, I think that would be the most impressive. 🙂

CosWeek: What other hobbies do you have?
UMC: I love to read, and I’m a big lover of Shakespeare and other 17th century playwrights and I go to as many local performances as I can.  I also collect beer caps and have over 550 different ones; I plan on making a mural for my bar back out of them one day!  I also enjoy other noble pursuits, such as cooking, drinking wine and binge watching Netflix.

CosWeek: What has been your favorite cosplay?
UMC: While Margaery has been by far the most comfortable, I think my favorite was Noel Vermillion from Blaz Blue a few years back.  We had a huge group go together and one of them was playing theme music out of a huge boom box wherever we went at the con.  It really was a spectacle, and so much fun.  And all by happenstance, the singer of the Blaz Blue: Calamity Trigger theme song was at the con and I got her to sign my costume!

CosWeek: What Convention do you look forward to the most?
UMC: The convention that started it all, the one that I always go to and never miss is definitely Animazement in downtown Raleigh.  That’s my hometown too so it’s a little surreal to stay in a hotel 10 miles from my house.  But it’s fun – like a weekend away at home!

CosWeek: What is your favorite TV show?
UMC: I love so many! Right now I’m hooked on Battlestar Galactica.  I know, I’m a little behind on the times, but it’s really a great show.  I also love Brooklyn Nine-Nine (that silly Andy Sanberg) and Sherlock.  Next I need to watch The Tudors.  If I were ever to cosplay a show it’d be Firefly though 🙂

Photo by: Photosnxs

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