Cosplay Video #3

Cosplay Boom Season 1

Cosplay Boom is a documentary about the art of cosplay, the lives of cosplayers and about cosplay fans of all kinds. The film series will follow the inspiring, dramatic and sometimes-humorous journey cosplayers go on as they create their elaborate costumes and show off their art and craft to the world. This is a never-before-seen look at the world of cosplay done in a documentary format.

This docu-series will be about cosplay at its core, but it will also tell a much bigger story about what it means to be an artist, to express yourself, and to have the courage to be yourself. Cosplay Boom is a documentary about finding a community all your own.

The series will take a personal look at cosplayers, prop-makers and costumers from all over world; some who seek fame, some who do it for human connection and some who do it for the love of the art.

Cosplay Boom will introduce viewers to hundreds of cosplayers and show off thousands of costumes as it explores one unique art form; the art of cosplay.

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