Cosplay Interview #10

Cloak & Dagger Cosplay


Home: Toronto, Canada
Age: 19

Chest: 79cm / 31″
Waist:60cm / 23.5″
Hips:  92cm / 36″
Height:172cm / 5′ 6″
Weight:56kg  / 125 lbs 

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This year’s Cons:
PAX East 2015 (March 6-8)
Anime North 2015 (May 23-25)
hopefully others if I get a chance!


CosWeek: Why did you get into Cosplay?
Luxlo: I got into cosplay because all my life I have loved both dressing up and art- so when I became submerged into more pop culture where cosplay is so often seen, I just naturally got into it and knew it’d be something I would love.

CosWeek: Who do you Cosplay with?
Luxlo: I sometimes Cosplay with my boyfriend- we started our cosplay name/team “cloak & dagger cosplay” in March 2014. We have cosplayed together a couple times as well as doing individual cosplays, and we also work on our projects and commissions together now and then.

CosWeek: How long have you been Cosplaying?
Luxlo: Not very long at all- My first cosplay was in May 2012. I was Marceline from Adventure Time.

CosWeek: So far, what has been your favorite event?
Luxlo: I have only been to a few different cons, so I hope in the future I’m fortunate enough to get the chance to go to more and perhaps travel further to do so too.
My favourite of the ones I’ve been to is Anime North! Many attendees and tons into cosplay, and it encompasses not just anime but many other fandoms as well.

CosWeek: Do you make your own costumes?
Luxlo: I try to make as much of a costume I can by myself. One costume of mine that was entirely not made by me though would be Asuna from SAO. Looking back I wish I’d tried to make some parts of it myself.

CosWeek: Why other forms of art do you partake in?
Luxlo: Aside from cosplay, other art I like is mainly drawing and painting- acrylic and watercolours. I was in an art program for a year in college, but decided art is something I want to keep as a hobby (unless some crazy amazing opportunity ever came upon me I guess I could rethink!)

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