Cosplay Interview #11

Cutie Pie Creations

Home: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 20

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This year’s Cons:
Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo (April 18)
Northwest Fan Fest (May 29-31)
Anime Evolution (July 17-19)
Anime Revolution (Aug 14-16)


CosWeek: How long have you Cosplayed for?
Cutie: About 8 years. I started getting more serious about Cosplay and making my own displays about 3 years ago.

CosWeek: Who got you started in Cosplay?
Cutie: My high school friends brought me to my 1st convention back in 2008. Before then I was always into Sailor moon and studio Gibili. But I never knew that people actually dressed up it seemed like so much fun. Ever since I went to the 1st convention I was hooked!

CosWeek: What is your favorite source material?
Cutie:  I really like League of Legends! I really enjoy artists who make their own outfits of well know characters like the artist No Flutter. My favorite artist of all time has got to be Sakizou.

CosWeek: Were you a sewer before or because of Cosplay?
Cutie: I learned how to sew from my grandmother when I was young. But I mostly just enjoyed pressing the foot petal and sewing super fast. Now I sew for Cosplay and sometimes for regular fashion.

CosWeek: What keeps you going in Cosplay, what drives you to do it?
Cutie: I get motivated to work on cosplay when looking at other’s cosplay creations. Sometimes the cosplay is so unique and so well done I wish that I could make something as great!

CosWeek: What do you do when you’re not cosplaying?
Cutie: When i’m not cosplaying I’m working as a Pastry Chef!

CosWeek: Do your co-workers know? What do they think about what you do?
Cutie: The people that I work with know that I cosplay. When i tell them they are very surprised, and very interested in seeing pictures of my costumes. A lot of the time my coworkers don’t know what cosplay is and are very shocked to see how different I look in and out of costume. It’s nice that they all support my crazy hobby!

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