Cosplayers of the Year 2014

Best American Cosplayer
Catwoman by: Christine H McConnell
Photo By:  Christine H McConnell

Best European Cosplayer
Steampunk Snow White by: Marta
Photo By:  Nikolis Foto

Best Canadian Cosplayer
Queen Beryl by: Jen Kirbyson
Photo By: Undiscovered Photography

Best DC Comics Cosplayer
Catwoman by: Christine H McConnell
Photo By:  Christine H McConnell

Best Marvel Comics Cosplayer
Winter Soldier by: Vancouver Joker
Photo By: Kevin Free


Best Team Cosplayers
Wonderland by: EvaIsaku OkamiganNunuki-Chan DorkDevil Kitty
Photo By: Chocolate Hero


Best Female Cosplay Pair
Kirk & Sulu by: Chris Screama & Moira Zhou
Photo By:  Sam Chua


Best Male and Female Cosplay Pair
Jak & Elf by: Maddi Mcfly & DV8 Props
Photo By:  Undiscovered Photography

Best Male Cosplayer
Winter Soldier by: Vancouver Joker
Photo By: Kevin Free