Top 10 Canadian Cosplayers

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
Fantastic Four’s Sue Richards
Photo by:

Province: Quebec
Facebook: 199,653
Twitter: 18.687
Instagram: 28,667

Assassin’s Creed’s Edward Kenway

Naomi Von Kreeps

Province: Ontario
Facebook: 83,461
Twitter: 10,800
Instagram: 10,163

Dragon Age’s Cole
Photo by: Nova Vandorwolf 

Twin Fools

Province: British Columbia
Facebook: 24,012
Twitter: 9,776
Instagram: 11,214

Photo by: Jason Chau

Zombie Bit Me

Province: Ontario 
Facebook: 21,257
Twitter: 14,760
Instagram: 7,214

Photo by: Dale L

Bloody Queen

Province: British Columbia
Facebook: 14,667

Vivid Vision
Photo by: Randy Gee

Vivid Vision

Province: Alberta
Facebook: 19,337
Twitter: 2,894
Instagram: 13,411

Kieran Strange
Photo by: Broken CRT

Kieran Strange

Province: British Columbia
Facebook: 5,095

Photo by: Marshall Esparrago

Mandee Sim

Province: Alberta
Facebook: 14,633
Twitter: 1,820
Instagram: 18, 023

DC’s Catwoman
Photo by: Addy Davies

Dayna Baby Lou

Province: British Columbia
Facebook: 205,684
Twitter: 4,359
Instagram: 2,735

Star War’s Mara Jade
Photo by: Kevin Free


Province: British Columbia
Facebook: 18,863
Twitter: 2,885
Instagram: 9,560

You may notice that this list isn’t sorted by Facebook followers. Instead I used an algorithm to score followers in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll see that while Dayna Baby Lou, a Pin-up model turned Cosplayer (nothing wrong with that), has 205K on Facebook, her Twitter and Instagram numbers really fall behind. This is why she’s 8th and not 1st.

If you have a Facebook page, you might notice that you’ve lost followers of late. This isn’t because of anything you’re doing wrong, Facebook has been purging fake accounts, and fake followers.

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