Cosplay Interview 16-01

Ivy Tenebrae

Hatsune Miku

Home: Manchester, UK
Age: 29

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Website —
Facebook —- 44,307
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Instagram —- 21,048
YouTube ——–  704
Twitch ——– 10,699

Bio: I am a cosplayer/model based in Manchester and Wrexham UK. I have been modelling for a few years now. I am internationally published and have been a part of many shows and events. I am focused more on my cosplaying now as I find it a much more fitting outlet for my creativity (plus I can allow my geeky side to shine through!) I like to make clothing and take photographs. I love gaming and spend a lot of my free time on League of Legends. My favourite movie genre is horror and I love listening to metal music. I am 29 years old.

Red Card Katarina

CosWeek: When did you start modeling?
Ivy: I started modelling a few years ago now. I was an alt model for a long time until I found my love for cosplay! I have been to many fashion events and been in a variety of international publications.

CosWeek: When did you start Cosplaying?
Ivy: I started nearly two years ago. I dressed as Poison Ivy and did a shoot with a snake. Snakes terrified me at first! But I loved how much thought and creativity I could put into the shoot and it went from there.

CosWeek: Why did you switch to Cosplay?
Ivy: As I say cosplay gives me an amazing outlet for my creative side. I love making things myself from scratch. I love to photograph too so I can do everything for a shoot. When you see a finished result and get to do your own representation of a character you love it can be so rewarding!

Plastic Kat Latex

CosWeek: What is your favorite Cosplay?
Ivy: My favourite is probably my Miss Fortune Arcade so far just because I put so much into making every detail. I really enjoyed it. I love League of Legends too so it was a nice homage to that.

CosWeek: What is you favorite movie?
Ivy: I have so many!! I love the Dark Knight trilogy I can watch that over and over. And all the Star Wars movies. Those are another huge favourite.

CosWeek: What film are you most waiting to see?
Ivy: I think the film I’m looking forward to now is Suicide Squad.

Plastic Kat Latex2

CosWeek: Tell me about Sugared Bones Accessories.
Ivy: I modelled for them over a year ago now back when I was an alt model. They are one of many companies I have represented. They do beautiful handmade jewellery in their own unique style it has been a pleasure to work with them. I will be working with a costume company called the Costume Supercenter in the very near future.

CosWeek: What is your dream cosplay to make?
Ivy: I would love to make an armoured cosplay like my barbarian character from Diablo 3. I know it would take a long time to do but the sense of achievement would be amazing.

CosWeek: Do you still do Alt modeling?
Ivy: Yes I am still affiliated with a number of companies from jewellery designers to latex clothing designers.


CosWeek: What do you see as being different in Cosplay between the USA and UK?
Ivy: I believe there are resources more readily available, to my knowledge worbla is harder to come across for example and appears to be more expensive here. The conventions here are amazing and have grown so much but they are not as big as the ones in the USA, you don’t get as many huge companies involved which is a shame.

CosWeek: How many cons do you attend in a year?
Ivy: I unfortunately can’t attend cons this year due to some medication I’m on. Hopefully by next year my health will improve enough to start going again!

CosWeek: Do you ever do cons outside of the UK? I don’t,
Ivy: I would absolutely love to go to NYCC and SDCC those are dreams!

CosWeek: Would you go to cons in Europe? Of course I would love to.
Ivy: When I am in a position medically to go.

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