Cosplay Interview: The Lazy Cosplayer

The Lazy Cosplayer

Home: Queensland, Australia
Age: 30

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CosWeek: Where do you live?
Lazy: On the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

CosWeek: What got you started in Cosplay?
Lazy: I used to do a lot of themed dinners and every birthday was a themed party. Eventually my friends basically started asking ‘do we have to dress up?’ That’s when I knew I had a problem! Shortly after that I went to a local convention (in costume of course) and I discovered this amazing thing called cosplay. From then I went on to build my first real ‘cosplay,’ my The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman. After such a warm reception from the cosplay community, I wanted to set myself bigger and better goals and have been enjoying the cosplay journey ever since.

Photo by Mikey Andersson Photography
Photo by Mikey Andersson Photography

CosWeek: What conventions do you attend?
Lazy: I try to attend as many as possible (or that real life allows) In Queensland we are especially lucky to have a few major conventions. On the Gold Coast we have Supanova. In Brisbane, an hour drive away, we have OzComicCon and another version of Supanova with different guests to the Gold Coast one. I also travel interstate to go to Sydney Supanova. I really want to do more conventions though. The whole cosplay and Geek culture has exploded in Australia and it seems the general public are really embracing it.

Photo by Cassa’s Cosplay Shots
Photo by Cassa’s Cosplay Shotsy

CosWeek: Who influences you?
Lazy: I am especially drawn to Australian cosplayers. They go through the same struggles I go through – where to buy Worbla, how to get Arda wigs cheap, why can’t we have a Jo-ann, why does the Australian dollar buy nothing! My influences are close to home because I can relate to them more. Major Sam Cosplay is also a Queenslander and she’s just won the Crown Championships of Cosplay held at C2E2. She competed against the champions of several different countries to win the championships all in a sewn costume. Her sewing skills are incredible, so she’s a massive inspiration for me.

Photo by EllusionStudio
Photo by EllusionStudio

CosWeek: To give those of us not in Australia an Idea, what does Worbla cost down there?
Lazy: A 100 cm x 150 cm (39” x 59”) sheet of Worbla’s Finest Art is about $95. It’s hard to come by and not many stores in Australia sell it. Queensland cosplayers have to basically buy it from interstate, so you have astronomical shipping fees on top of that – thank you Australia Post! (*Edit* $95Australian = $70US, $90CAN or £48)

CosWeek: What does your family think of your Cosplaying?
Lazy: At first they thought it was silly. They had a lot of trouble comprehending the ‘why’ – why spend so much time on time, why waste your money on that, why do you enjoy ‘dressing up’ so much. Eventually, they came to terms with it being another creative outlet for me. My mum and I have always been artistic. I’m a graphic designer as an occupation so I work in the creative industry. Cosplay just allows so many more avenues to explore creatively. You can work with some amazing materials – fabric, wood, Worbla, wigs, metal, foam – the list is endless! The best part, is that you’re doing it for you. It’s also almost selfish in that sense, it takes time away from work, family life etc. It’s a pure escape from the norm.

Photo by Steamkittens
Photo by Steamkittens

CosWeek: What drives you to continue Cosplaying?
Lazy: People. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I think ‘why am I doing this, it’s such a waste of time.’ I think every cosplayer goes through that internal struggle. But at the end of the day, all you need is one fan, one little girl or boy to smile at you and say that you’re their favourite character and you feel on top of the world. The feedback from fans and other cosplayers helps me keep on going. It’s a fantastic craft that offers so many rewards (and challenges too)

CosWeek: Can you give us a hint of what your next Cosplay is?
Lazy: I’m currently working on Ciri from the Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt and Buffy the Vampire Slayer cosplay. They haven’t been too challenging, so I’m looking forward to creating something way out of my comfort zone – ideas please?

Photo by Mikey Andersson Photography
Photo by Mikey Andersson Photography
Photo by Its_Her_Man Photography
Photo by Its_Her_Man Photography

CosWeek: What advice would you give to a first time Cosplayer?
Lazy: Don’t listen to the negative and enjoy the experience. You are putting yourself out there, expressing your fandom and sometimes it can draw negative opinions. Be prepared BUT remember who you are doing this for – yourself and the smiles you bring to the people who love what you love! Keep your head held high, remember to have fun and chat to some of the other cosplayers. We love welcoming people into the community and can provide valuable help and advice to newbies who want to pursue this passion.

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