Cosplay Video 16-03

Video by: TimmCosplay

Cosplay Credits (in order of appearance):

PLOM Cosplay
Madeline (0:11) (1:23)
Taylor as Steampunk Princess Peach (0:30)
Hanna as Queen of the Birds (3:27)

Kristopher-damien White as Metatron (0:21)

AnyaPanda as Star Butterfly (0:39) and Lapis Lazuli (1:58)

TimmCosplay as Jardren Stiggs (0:56)
Batty Art & Cosplay as Neo Queen Serenity (1:31)

Oshare Cosplay and Academics as Totoro (2:08)

Termina Sheikah as Spyro (2:17)

Domobird as Carlos De Vil (2:35)
Captain Extravaganza as Steampunk Captain (2:43)

Embozozo as Sonia Nevermind (3:01)
Elfie Cosplay and Enchanted Fables as Disney Princesses (3:18)

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