Cosplay Video 16 – 09

Cosplay Makeup artist Nickeil Genesis enters the Top 20 in the NYX Face Awards.


This video has a great anime based story that is narrated in Japanese by Nickeil. Amazing since she doesn’t speak Japanese. She shows how she made the prop weapons and of course full detail on the makeup to create both looks sported by Nickeil herself.

Cosplay makeup fangs

The polymer that she uses to make the fangs, can be bought at Industrial Plastics and Paints. The pellets melt in hot water and can be molded into any shape you want. Once they cool the plastic is hard and white. To match discoloured teeth, try soaking your fangs in cooled down tea, to tint them. Alternatively you could order a set of premade fangs from Scarecrow, they’re the industry standard in costume fangs. While there are other companies, like Dracula House, the finish on them to often looks plasticy.

Nickeil sported two different cosplay makeup tutorials. One for the sweet and not-so-innocent Emiko and the other for the devilish Kokatsu. Both cosplay makeup tutorials show the techniques of aplying the makeup as well as the specific makeups used.

Nickeil Genesis is a great makeup artist in my opinion and could use all our support in moving forward in this challenge, please head over to NYX Face Awards and cast your vote now.  July 1st will reveal if she made it to the top 12 and a chance at a trip to LA and the title.

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