Cosplay Day Victoria 2017 – Cosplay Video

Cosplay Day Victoria 2017

Cosplay Day Victoria 2017, is a one day event for Cosplayers and Photographers at UVic, part of the Tsukino-Con series of events. The 2017 event took place at the ECS Building on Saturday July 22. A total of about 90 people were in attendance.

Dia (0:01)

Talon-Serena as Niko (0:31)

TimmCosplay as Civil Protection officer (0:51)

Skookum Props and Armour as L.A.P.D Riot Police (1:02) and Link (2:53)

Aerobatical as Bright World Coor. Rin (1:12)

Dark Ninja Raven as Sailor Mercury (1:17)

Infinite Colour Photos as Umbreon and Espeon (1:22)

Basina Cosplay (1:27)

Honey Glazed Cosplay as Varric (1:32)…

North Pacific Cosplay as Hanji Zoe and Levi (1:42)

General Celes as Keaton Link (2:02)

Susume Today (2:11)

Filmed by TimmCosplay.

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