Cosplay Interview: Linzorz


Linzorz as Android 18 photo by Harobot
Photo: Harobot Photography

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Bulma - photo by Micktography

CosWeek: Where are you based?
Linzorz: I am from BC, Canada!

CosWeek: When did you start cosplaying?
Linzorz: My very first time cosplaying was in 2006. I didn’t start cosplaying consistently until last year though!

CosWeek: What made you try cosplay the first time?
Linzorz: I’ve always loved making and designing my own costumes, even for Halloween and costume parties. When I heard that there are actually events where people gather and dress up in anime or video game costumes I couldn’t resist. I spend a lot of my time immersing myself in video games and watching anime and it’s easy to get attached to or identify with certain characters. Cosplaying was the perfect opportunity to show my fandom while embracing my creative side!

CosWeek: What was your first convention?
Linzorz: I believe it was Anime Evolution!

Chun Li - Harobot Photography

CosWeek: What do you do when you’re not Cosplaying? 
Linzorz: I am currently a web development student full time. I work in marketing and bartend on the side.

CosWeek: What do you enjoy about Cosplay now?
Linzorz: I still love the fact that I can dress up as my favourite characters and feel inspired by designs. Mostly though, I love the friends I have made because of this hobby and I love meeting people with the same interests! Conventions are always so fun to go to and there are so many wonderful people to meet. On the technical side, I love watching my own crafting skills improve!



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