Fall TV 2017

The Fall TV 2017 Networks

The Inhumans on ABCABC – Is doing something unique this year, where networks in the past have thrown in a separate, but related show mid-season with a shorted number of episodes, to fill the void of episodes in January and February. This year ABC is splitting the year between Marvel’s The Inhumans in September – December and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for the January – May part of the broadcast season.

Keep an eye out for The Crossing in 2018.

Star Trek Discovery on CBS All AccessCBS – Is giving us nothing this season unless you count Big Bang Theory, its spin-off Young Sheldon, Scorpion or MacGyver as genre. It will give us a peek at Star Trek: Discovery before sending that series off to streaming services around the world. 

CW – Is the only network with five series that are interconnected. Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow are all back in the Fall, to be joined by Black Lightning mid-season.

The Orville TV series on FOXFOX – Is returning with its DC comics related series Gotham which will lead into weekly episodes of The Orville. The Orville looks like a comedic parody of Galaxy Quest, which was a comedic parody of Star Trek. Some have even called The Orville more Star Trek like than Star Trek Discovery.

The network is also crossing its Marvel licence over to network TV with The Gifted, an X-Men Universe based series that follows a family with mutant teens on the run from the government.

NBC – Is giving us nothing, nope not even kind of. 

The Grid

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Star Trek: Discovery ^
Sept 24
        Marvel’s Inhumans ^
Sept 29
          Once Upon a Time
Oct 6
The CW
Oct 9
The Flash
The CW
Oct 10
The CW
Oct 12
    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
The CW
Oct 10
Sept 21
  The Gifted^
Oct 9
    The Orville^
Sept 10&17

Fall TV 2017 Summary 

Three new series and six returning shows, four on one network. It looks like the broadcast television networks have nearly forgotten who goes to all those big movies.

Broadcast television isn’t giving us a lot, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are giving better series with better content in a watch-when-you-want-to-watch format. That is going to be the way of the future, and the writing on the wall is becoming more and more visible. CBS is taking its flagship-of-the-year series into its own streaming service. Disney has announced a new streaming service that will pull its library of movies from Netflix, maybe it will pull the better series to the service as well.

Will 2019 or 2020 see HBO Go, ABC/Disney Stream, NBC/Universal Stream, Paramount Stream, FOX stream, Sony Stream, The CW/Warner stream, CBS All Access, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix? I think that with cable companies failing to give customers what they want, this just might be where we are heading. Instead of paying $80 for cable TV with 10 Golf Channels that  you’ll never watch, go streaming with the five or six services that you enjoy the content of.

Fall TV 2017 Trailers

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