Cosplay Interview: きらひし Kirahishi

きらひし Kirahishi

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CW: What got you started in Cosplay?
KH: My first convention was in 2013 and seeing all these people dress up really made me excite. I’ve always loved dress up as a child ranging from Halloween to school spirit days, I would always go all out. I wanted to start cosplaying even as a child, but did not know it was actually a “thing” that was popular around the community and in the world.

CW: When did you start Cosplaying?
KH: After seeing cosplayers at a convention, later in the year, I bought my first cosplay and wore it in 2014 spring.

Kirahishi CosplayCW: What was your first convention?
KH: My first convention was ACGHK2013 (Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong), although I did not cosplay there, that was where I learned of cosplay’s existence.

CW: Your first Convention was in Hong Kong, is that where you live now?
KH: My first convention was in Hong Kong since I was there to visit family and the convention was coincidentally within the time I was staying there, but I live in Canada permanently. 

CW: Who inspires you?
KH: A lot of cosplayers inspire me, but Reika would be one of my most influential people. Seeing Reika being able to do what she loves and travel around all the time with her amazing outfits really inspires me to be like her one day.

CW: What did you do when you’re not Cosplaying?
KH: I am currently studying in University so a lot of my non-cosplay time goes into studying. However, I do find time to do extracurriculars such as dancing, sketching, and painting.

CW: What are you studying?
KH: I am studying Engineering  and Interactive Arts & Technology.

CW: How many cons do you attend per year?
KH: I never really kept track of this, but in my local area, the cons I attend per year can range from 6 to 10 depending on when the con is and how my schedule is for that year. I also do private photoshoots outside of cons so that also adds the the time spent with cosplay.

CW: What games are you playing right now?
KH: Hmm. i haven’t really been gaming much lately on consoles, however a while ago I did play Overwatch and Final Fantasy X (HD). Currently, with school ongoing I am only able to play mobile games like Shining Live, YumeIro Cast, and Samurai Love Ballad Party, Ikemen Sengoku, and Fate GO.



Images by: ETL Graphic and Mike Wu Photography

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