Cosplay Interview: The Black Bard Cosplay

The Black Bard Cosplay

Black Bard

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 CW: What does Cosplay say to you?
Black BardBBC: It’s an art form. An expression. Combing fandom with talent.

CW: How long have you been cosplaying?
BBC: 5 – 6 years now but sewing for much longer. With my love of fantasy, fashion, I have no clue why I hadn’t heard or thought of being a cosplayer until that point.

CW: Is there a character type that you prefer?
BBC: Villains. Not the typical shallow ones either. The ones with complexities that make you really question are they evil or is their point of view just contradicting the “hero”. I also have a habit of picking the character you don’t see very often. Which is why most people say “Great work…now what are you from??” . Gender, race or body type doesn’t bother me either. I’ve crossplayed and redesigned characters to fit my body or reflect historical/cultural references.

Black BardCW: Outside of Cosplay what do you do?
BBC: Fashion and technical design. And a lot of video games. I also do a lot of drawing.

CW: What came first Cosplay or fashion?
BBC: Fashion. But my fashion inspirations were always based on the idea of character design and that each zipper, or color, or fabric choice was telling of the characters personality. Cosplay is a personal expression…it’s almost become a couture skill.

Black BardCW: Do you see any kind of crossover between fashion and cosplay?
BBC: It’s happening more and more. Fashion shows at conventions, and cosplays with fashion references. It’s all blurring these days.

CW: Which is easier?
BBC: Each has it’s own challenges and eases in creation. However wearing them …different. Fashion has a certain level of value based in ease of wear and care. Cosplay doesn’t follow those rules. Wearing cosplay is a struggle in itself.


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