Top 18 Films of 2018

Mary Poppins YallTop 18 of 2018

A look at the Top 18 genre films of 2018. Every year I take a look at the genre films that are set for release (2014 , 20152016, 2017). Now I want to look at what I think will be the best genre films of 2018.


Name Studio Date Prediction Rank
Avengers: Infinity War Marvel / Disney May 4 $512.44 1
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Amblin / Universal June 22 $499.35 2
Solo: A Star Wars Story Lucas / Disney May 25 $471.10 3
Deadpool 2 Fox June 1 $337.43 4
Incredibles 2  Pixar / Disney June 15 $324.46 5
Black Panther Marvel / Disney Feb 16 $270.11 6
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Warner Bros. Nov 16 $230.81 7
Ready Player One Amblin / Universal Mar 30  $215.27 8
A Wrinkle In Time Disney Mar 9 $202.70 9
Mission: Impossible 6 Bad Robot/Paramount July 27  $190.16 10
Ant-Man and the Wasp Marvel / Disney July 6 $188.10 11
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Fox Nov 2  $162.09 12
Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2  Disney Nov 21 $159.19 13
Mary Poppins Returns  Disney Dec 25 $149.65 14
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Sony July 13  $135.66 15
The New Mutants Fox Apr 13  $134.58 16
Aquaman DC / Warner Bros. Dec 21 $122.69 17
Alita: Battle Angel  Lightstorm / Fox July 20  $120.54 18


Where did I get my predictions?

I uses Hollywood Stock Exchange as source of data then add my own amounts based on what I know about any said film. While HSX is a game, it’s a game that does well at predicting the box-office results of Hollywood films. I don’t always agree and that’s how I earn H$ in the game. All dollar amounts are in Millions ($62.44 = $62,440,000)

The List

Avengers Infinity War1. Avengers: Infinity War $541 – Marvel is on a huge roll, and this film is the culmination of all 19 of their previous films. While this isn’t the end of Marvel’s Phase Three, it is the climax.

2. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $499 – Chris Pratt did a fantastic job on the first Jurassic World, and now he gets a chance to be a part of the #1 and #2 films of the year. Too bad he’s not in Solo too.

3. Solo: A Star Wars Story $471 – Star Wars just came out with the mid chapter in the third saga of the Star Wars Universe and last year’s Rogue One was a colossal hit with a total $523 during its run. There’s really no reason that this film can’t do as well. I’m keeping my prediction low, as I have yet to see any promotional material for this film, and it opens in just 5 months. The May release date was intended to return the franchise to its roots and get away from the christmas releases, but Episode IX needed more development time and so it will be a long year-and-a-half gap between film for the franchise.

Deadpool Movie Poster4. Deadpool 2 $337 – The sequel to the top earning R-Rated movie. $363 in 2016, can this film feature Cable and Domino and still hold that kind of numbers? Time will tell. Time will also tell if Disney’s purchase of Fox will allow fans to ever see another Deadpool film after this one. 

Pixar's The Incredibles 25. Incredibles 2 $324 – in 2004 The Incredibles was one of the best superhero films audiences had ever seen, because we were still four years away from seeing the MCU, now we are about to see the families return.

Black Panther

6. Black Panther $278 – A solo film that leads into the Infinity War film could boost this films performance as could the majorly african cast in an American film so I think this estimate is low. I’m already $90 above many other estimates for the film so I don’t want to over do my prediction. 

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald7. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald $231 – The tenth instalment in the Wizarding World series of films. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them earned $234 in 2016, so I see no reason this film won’t fare any worse on the same weekend.

8. Ready Player One $215 – From Steven Spielberg the trailer seemed to show a lot of fan service, in that there are a lot of fan universes represented through the film. This should help boost the film in a crowded spring box-office season.A wrinkle in Time

9. A Wrinkle In Time $202 – Based on the 1962 novel by Madeleine L’Engle, adapted in 2003 Disney and a few Canadian production companies for Disney’s ABC TV. This time the film sports an all-star cast and what I call the Wonder Woman factor. This should keep the film on top of the box-office through the month of March, at least until Pacific Rim: Uprising comes out on the 23rd.

 10. Mission: Impossible 6 $190 – The sixth film in Bad Robot’s series with Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg. The last incarnation Rogue Nation, made $195 at the domestic box-office, but $700 world wide.

11. Ant-Man and the Wasp $188 – Thor was the number 12 prediction last year and it went on to make over $300.

12. X-Men: Dark Phoenix $162 – The fourth film in the New X-Men saga sees Jean Grey claim the Phoenix powers that may destroy her and the X-Men, or the world as we know it.

13. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 $159 – Disney’s Pixar Coco held this position last year and is at $150 as I write this.

14. Mary Poppins Returns $149 – A Christmas time film from Disney, what could be better? The meme that grew out of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 of Yond as Mary Poppins, might actually give this film even more of a boost.

15. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation $135 – This Adam Sandler lead franchise has averaged $159, but the promotional material for this one kind of pointed me in the lower direction.

16. The New Mutants $134 – A spin-off of the X-Men franchise. Or should I say another spin-off of the X-Men franchise. Between Hulu’s The Runaways, The Gifted on FOX and Legion on FX there seems to be a lot of material aimed at the teen superhero fan. A horror movie take on the whole thing may make it or break it.

17. Aquaman $122 – The critically disastrous DCEU hasn’t had the best track record, and this film spinning-off Justice League doesn’t seem to have the momentum to hold a late December release. I just don’t see this film cracking $125.

18. Alita: Battle Angel $120 – Written by James Cameron and Directed by Robert Rodriguez the first peak at this film looks amazing.

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