Top Halloween Costumes 2017

Halloween 2017

This is always a great time for costumes and I always get asked what is popular this year. Halloween 2017 will gather a lot of inspiration from television series and film franchises. Most of these are reflected in the various costumes we see amongst Cosplayers. 

12) The Usual Fare

The common, garden variety of costumes will never die out, Ghosts, Vampires, Frankenstein (or the monster), or the Mummy. The kinds of stuff that was there thirty, forty years ago. It will be there fifty years from now too.

11) Trump

Yep, this rolling train wreck of an American political system is the News’ main source of material these days, so it’s no surprise that lots of people, either in support or in jest, will dress as the Leader of the Free World, bad hair and all. Don’t forget the suit and red tie.

10) Mermaid / Unicorn

Glitter, a pastel wig and you’re halfway there. Grab a horn headband to finish the Unicorn. For a Mermaid, scale patterned leggings or skirt with fishnet tights will look perfect.

Harley Quinn Halloween 20179) Harley Quinn

With the Justice League movie releasing November 17, Harley Quinn will be back. On the streets of your neighbourhood anyway, and at your parties. The sexy and sassiness of the character has made her a hit since her debut on the animated Batman series in 1992. The huge variety of her costumes makes her a big hit too. There is the Arkham City and Arkham Knight video game versions, Suicide Squad (the film), and the Animated Series.
Where there is Harley, Mr. J isn’t far behind.

8) Netflix

Blond hair and a pink dress and you’re Eleven from Stranger Things. Some leotards and sparkling wig, and you’re a GLOW wrestler. An orange jumpsuit and you are Piper, Suzanne or Tiffany from Orange is the New Black. Other popular shows on Netflix would include Marvel’s Defenders or Jessica Jones.

Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown7) Penny Wise


IT is such a blockbuster film right now that Pennywise masks and makeup are flying off the shelves. This is one of the examples of Hollywood doing remakes right, and the fact that audiences are not sick of reboots, remakes and sequels.

6) Marvel

Top Marvel Universe characters this year include Spider-Man (or one of the many female variants), Captain America, Ant-Man, Iron Man, Black Widow or any of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters (Baby Groot).

5) Thor

The new Thor film releases November 3, so the marketing will help push the idea to the forefront. Loki and Hela will be there with Doctor Strange and the Hulk.

4) Game of Thrones

Daenerys and Jon Snow is shaping up to be a popular couples idea this year. Anything Games of Thrones is great too, the show is just that amazingly hot. From White Walkers and Khal Drogo to Melisandre and Queen Cersei. I’m sure you’ll see someone at a party to whom you can say “Winter is coming!”


3) Star Wars

Luke, Leia, Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo are all back this December and the fanbase is strong. For women Rey and Leia are tops. For men Luke, Vader and Stormtroopers will be the most popular.


2) Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the most successful of DC’s superhero films to date ($412 Million). It has made the strong Amazon a hit with women. This Halloween will see various versions of her everywhere. I expect to see at least one Lynda Carter version for Halloween 2017.

1) Belle

From the number one film of the year ($504 Million), Beauty and the Beast. Bell in her yellow ball gown or Bell in her peasant costume. The fact is that, she will be the bell-of-the-ball at any party or event.

Have fun this halloween and show us what you dressed as. Dive safe and don’t feed the Gremlins after midnight.

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