Tsukino-Con 2017 CMVs

Tsukino-Con 2017

Tsukino-Con 2017 CMV by Timm Cosplay was shot at the University of Victoria during the February 17 – 19th weekend.

Cosplay Credits:

TimmCosplay as Ahd’ar’ohk (0:01)

 Astra Crompton as Sarmin’s Host (0:13) and Jubileena Bing Bing (4:11)
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 Oshare Cosplay as Jedi Snow White (0:25)
 Rosalia Grey Cosplay as Rey (0:32)
 Best Dressed Cosplay as Kylo Ren (0:32)
 Medieval Chaos Productions (0:51)
 Lucy as Jacob (1:21)
 Party Chicken Cosplay as Newt Scamander (1:21) and Inquisitor (3:47)
 Lauren as Steampunk Dame (2:03)
 Rowan as Scribe Elf (2:03)
 Anyapanda as Tracer (2:18)
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 Pokey Cosplay as Cinder Eli (2:32) and Grand Prix Viktor (4:03)
 Avieur (2:41)
 Failure at Failing as Blake (2:49)
Zachary from The Criticals Comedy as Mercury Black (2:49)
Aquine Cosplay as Ruby Rose (2:49)
Scraps Cosplay as Robin and Lucina (3:18)
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Embozozo (5:07)



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