Capital City Comic Con 2018 – Cosplay Video

Capital City Comic Con 2018


Cosplayer credits:

Chunkamunk Fischer (0:16)

Failure at Failing Cosplay as Deku (0:23) and Team Skull Grunt (3:19)

Smashed With Cats as Uraraka (023)

Lan DiMonk as Hime Shiatori (0:37)

Crystal Ball Cosplay as Vanellope (0:44)

Rosalia Grey Cosplay as Fiona (0:49) and LARP rogue (3:55)

Jeni Lee Art & Cosplay (1:02)

Wasu’ran Clan as Mandalorian Mercenaries (1:12)

Mechanought as Mechanicus Techpriest (1:18)

UlTearLight as Brigette (1:24)

Batarang Kisses as Superboy (1:36)

Honeybug Cosplay as Zelda and Link (1:48)

Dia as Kiki (2:00)

MochaMage as Peach (2:06)

General Celes Cosplay as Zatanna (2:19)

AlexxAnastasia Cosplay as Blackfire (2:25)

Baulderdashing as Obi-Wan (2:55)

Best Dressed Cosplay as Anakin (2:55)

Demon Llama Cosplay as Peach and Mario (3:06)

Jonx Cosplay as Team Skull Grunt (3:19)

Foam Friction Studios as Crossbones (3:24) and Skyrim warriors (4:19)

Dark Ninja Raven as Saber Alter (3:42)

Astra Crompton as Joker (4:39)

Worldstage Cosplay as Harley Quinn (4:39)

Filmed by TimmCosplay. Please be sure to check out his Patreon Page.

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