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Mahou Melon

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Mahou Melon
Mimi Reaves and Mahou Melon

CW: How long have you been Cosplaying?
MM: Since 2011, about.

CW: What was your first cosplay?
MM: Gumi from Vocaloid, with the green hair. 

CW: What Event did you go to?
MM: That event was a small event. That wasn’t my first event, but that was my first time in a proper cosplay. That was Yukai Con in Nanaimo. 

CW: When had you gone to an event prior to that?
MM: My first event was Cos & Effect 2011.

CW: What got you to go to that convention?
MM: I had wanted to go Anime Evolution the year before, because a friend had told me about it. I had always wanted to dress up and I thought it was super cool and super fun. I didn’t know that cosplay was a thing, and I was, “wow, people do this and just get together?” Then she ended up having a camping trip during that weekend, so we were like, “we’ll go next year.”
Mahou Melon
Then it [Anime Evolution 2011] got canceled and Cos & Effect popped up, it was costuming and a whole bunch of other stuff. So we went together, but we ended splitting up and I met so many people. To this day I think it was the most fun I ever had at a convention.

CW: Cool, so what keeps you coming back?
Multiple things. I love making my own costumes. Sometimes it’s not fun, but there’s definitely those moments that make it all worth it. I love meeting new people, I’d say meeting new people and talking to friends is probably the number one reason. 

Things like panels and meeting guests, or learning new things from other people at industry panels, is really cool.

Mahou Melon

CW:  What do you see as the future for you doing Cosplay?
 I don’t think I could imagine my life without Japanese culture let alone anime, manga and Cosplay. It has become such a huge part of my life. So many of my friends Cosplay, so I don’t think I’ll stop cosplaying  soon. Just taylor my cosplays into older characters, I’ll be a grandma cosplayer.

CW:  What are you into right now?
 I’ve been super into of Rage of Bahamut, I’m on the second season now. I’m usually into fantasy or action, but my range is quite broad.



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