KupoCon – 2018

KupoCon 2018

KupoCon 2018 CMV By Videographer TimmCosplay
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North Pacific Cosplay as Rikku and Lulu (0:13)
Silver Lining Cosplay as Gladiolus (0:53) and Iris (1:03)
Trirocksalt as Prompto (0:53)
Valentine Cosplays as Noctis (0:53)
Ryan Redd as Ignis (0:53)
Madly Ambitious Guy as Ardyn (1:00)
Riza as Gentiana (1:06)
Cute Beast Cosplay as Kingsglaive Lunafreya (1:09)
Nevada De Nada as Moogle (1:27)
Alchemic Rose as Lunafreya (1:55)
Meghan Taylor as Aerith (2:21)


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