MCM London 2018 CMV

MCM London 2018

MCM London October 2018 CMV By R2 & PO
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Essie_1285 as Master Chief (0:07)
Lirael as (0:15)
Lady Bee as Cammy (0:22)
Kaonashi Panda as Rose Tico (0:31)
R2 n PO as Poe and Finn (0:31)
Dan Du.far as Ghostbuster (0:41)
Hood Cosplay as Judge Hood from Judge Dredd (0:51)
Tom Davey Spence as Raiden from Metal Gear Solid (1:01)
Daftpunk_uk as the members of Daft Punk (1:15)
Evil Clever Dog as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn (1:19)
Jay Jonathon as Kakashi (1:33)
Jupiter Lightning as Raider from Fallout (1:39)
Franziska Veronika as Rey from Star Wars VII-IX (1:51)
That Mister J as Luke Skywalker from Star Wars IV-IX (1:57)
Callsign Nazran as a member of Umbrella Corp from Resident Evil (2:01)
A. R. deBauchee as Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element (3:11)


6 Seasons and a Movie as Bucky Barnes (2:07)
JPR cosplay as Captain America @jprcsplay (2:07)
Blooming Into a Wallflower as Scarlet Witch @blooming_into_a_wallflower (2:07)
Little Wolff as Black Widow (2:07)
That Tall Cosplay Guy as M’Baku (2:07)
U Go and Cosplay as Black Panther (2:07)
Rebel Wolf Cosplay as Thor @rebelwolfcosplay (2:11)
Dark Gen Cosplay as Spider Man (2:13)
Power Jenz Cosplay as Captain Marvel  (2:25)
Fairy King Cos as Dr Strange (2:42)
Alex Cosplay as Iron Man (2:46)
Akwa Cosplay as Mantis (2:57)



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