PAX West – 2018

PAX West 2018

PAX West 2018 CMV By Videographer TimmCosplay
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Wizard Dance Party as Imperious (0:03)
Alchemic Rose as Keyblade Lunafreya (0:14) and Strange Resistance Woman (2:22)
Breakers Cosplay as Red Mage (0:24)
Small Rini Lady as Chocobo (0:27)
Tygarlily as Lightning (0:35)
Dr. Exoskeleton as Minion # 00143 (0:51)
Ridem Ruby as Agent Peggy Carter (1:01)
Spartan LongShot-X as Master Chief (1:07)
Cute but Pixelated Cosplay as Glass Armour Dovahkiin
Foxtrot Live as Red (1:17)
Diegator as Mega Man (1:28)
Inzoru as Nero (1:34)
Talon Serena as Aloy (1:50)
Jiselle Creative as Pamitha (2:01)
Flower Bells as 2B (2:11)
Zuzukki as 9S (2:11)
GameCroix as Emil (2:33)
Notyourlina Cosplay as Tracer (2:49)
Keels Cosplay as Red (2:53)
Great Big Costume & Prop as Siegmeyer of Catarina (2:59)
Anarchy Forever Cosplay as Handsome Jack (3:15)
Tingilya Cosplay as Uriel (3:20)
It’s Ness Yess as Journey Dancer (3:26)
Nimesh Perera as Sombra (3:37)


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