Van Isle Comic Con – 2018

Van Isle Comic Con 2018

Van Isle Comic Com 2018 CMV By Videographer TimmCosplay
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Embelievable Cosplay as Van Isle Dino (0:05)
Dark Ninja Raven as LARP Fighter (0:08)
UlTearLight as Casual Robin (0:14)
TBaze TV as Superboy (0:14)
Honey Glazed Cosplay as Lydia (0:21)
Jenilee Cosplay as Sister of Battle (0:26)
Raebird Cosplay as Angus Mcdonald (0:38)
Hattamarch as Taz Kravitz (0:41)
Mochamage as Sloane (0:44)
Medieval Chaos (0:50)
Primeval Wings as Catwoman (1:02)
Batarang Kisses as Pixie (1:08)
AnyaPanda as Daphne (1:14)
General Celes Cosplay as Celes Chere (1:27)
Partychicken Cosplay as Beau (1:38)
Valentine Cosplays as Jester (1:38)
Aurora as Caleb (1:38)
Eric Pope as Wotan the Fairysmasher (2:02)
TimmCosplay as Lightning (2:08)
Skookum Props and Armour as Spartan (2:14) and Link (2:38)
Crystal Ball Cosplay (2:20)
GothieCakes as 2B (2:26)
Jaylestial as Loki (2:32)
Hanamaru Photography as Zelda (2:49)

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