Tsukino-Con – 2019

Tsukino-Con 2019

Tsukino-Con 2019 CMV By Videographer TimmCosplay
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Valera Atran (0:01)
Raebird as Morrigan (0:16)
Admiral Raisor as Chrom (0:29)
Atelier Radius as Sumia (0:29)
Deacon Marshall as Raiden (0:42) and Solid Snake (2:14)
Myriad Truth as Robin (0:55)
Primeval Wings as Catra (1:01) and OC Kitsune (
Rosalia Grey Cosplay as Neo (1:07) and Maleficent (3:31)
Nevada De Nada as Axel (1:30) and Jester (3:54)
Smashed with Cats as Xion (1:36) and Eri (3:07)
Jaylestial as Vexen (1:46)
Gothiecakes as Xigbar (1:55)
Failure at Failing as Saïx (2:04) and Shinsou (3:07)
Aperture Industries as ODST (2:24)
Chunkamunk as Sephiroth (2:30)
General Celes Cosplay as Aerith (2:34) (4:48)
North Pacific Cosplay as Sokka and Azula (2:37)
TimmCosplay as the Blue Spirit (2:43), Ayato (4:55) and Lighting
Petite Medic as K/DA Kai’Sa
Dark Ninja Raven as K/DA Ahri (2:50)
Aquine Cosplay as 2B (3:18)
Demon Punk Angel as Impa (3:45)
Maddy Pixie as Frodo (4:02)
AlexxAnestasia as (4:09) and Isabelle (5:02)
Pouty Peach Cos as Sally Face (4:16)
Dahl Cosplay as Mari (4:25)
Sheika Knight as Sidon (4:31)
Honey-Glazed Cosplay as (4:40)
Skookum Props as Cyrus (5:04)
Hamamaru Photography as Reese (5:05)
Whimsic Kid as Rover (5:07)
Teatime with Taylor as Harriet (5:09)
Corvid Cosplay as Muffy (5:10)
Bronnie Berries as Celeste (5:12)
Trekkie Chick as Shep (5:13)
Oshare Cosplay as No-Face (5:56)
Mocha Mage as Adora (6:12)
O_livious as Catra (6:12)


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