CosplayWeekLRGLogoCosplayers of the Week started off on Google’s Blogger site. The platform was good and had lots of features. I had used the site for years for another similar blog, Goth Girl of the Week. At its height in 2009 Goth Girl saw about 3,000 visitors per day. One of the best features of using Google’s blogging tool was that Google would index it almost immediately, it was their own platform. It became evident around 2013 that blogger wasn’t getting a boost from Google. I was seeing more hits through Facebook than Google searches.

Tyler Cosplay and Mary Jane Cosplay

Still Blogger was the simplest and least expensive way to run a site on Cosplay. There have been great changes to WordPress. Themes are more dynamic and plugins more versatile, but the cost remained. A few jobs building sites and some photography work has made it so I can make the investment in this site, as its own Dot Com. I’ll try to make weekly posting  to keep the site active and entertaining. The focus will be on bringing Interviews and Articles that are of interest to the Cosplay Community.

My experiences in the community include: attending and photographing conventions since the late 1980s, running comic book conventions, webmaster and head photographer for eight years at a local Anime Convention and enjoying the people, the creativity and the comradery of geeks being geeks.

The hope is that people want to see the content that I bring to Cosplayers of the Week: Featured cosplayers from around the world, videos of cosplayers at conventions and interviews with Cosplayers from every experience level. If you have ideas or comments, please feel free to leave them here.

What is Cosplay?

4532p7In 1984 Nobuyuki Takahashi coined the term Cosplay from Costume and Role-Play, an activity that he observed at that year’s Worldcon in Los Angeles. The act of dressing up in costumes and acting like a character from your favorite TV show character goes back at least 15 years prior to that. Dressing up wasn’t limited to the USA. When someone tells you that Cosplaying should only be of Anime and Manga characters and that it was created by and for Japanese; remind them that Takahashi was in the US, watching people at a Science Fiction Convention act out characters from television series, movies and books. I’m sure there were a few superheroes too. So it’s not just for Anime.

Cosplay is the art of dressing and acting as a character from popular, or sometimes obscure, media sources. 4487p9Characters can be based on Television, movies, comic books (manga), animated series (anime), novels, or video games. I’ve even seen cosplay of famous rock stars. It’s a form of expression and appreciation for the original material that they are based on. The challenge in creating the look, clothes, gear, accessories and style of the character becomes the goal. Some people buy the costumes, some commission parts and others sew it themselves, everyone has their own way of getting there. In the end it is about the joy of accomplishment and having fun. There is no wrong way, no wrong style, no wrong type, the only thing that could possibly be wrong, is if you’re not enjoying it.